What’s the best to escape from day to day life?

Anthony Bourdain

               ...A High Escape


High Escapes specializes in curating small group adventure tours to 420 friendly global destinations. We've married traveling with the love of smoking, dabbing, edibles and more to provide you with the escape of your life.


We do the hard work. We make it easy.

From the time you step off the plane until it's time for you to return home. Leave your head in the clouds…. We’ve got you covered


Travel with the Tribe

Whether it's your first cannabis experience or you're a connoisseur smoker, you won't feel out of place.  Our tours attract like-minded positive people who you can vibe with and learn from each other. No worries (or paranoia) about large groups, we create intimate environments with a great and safe atmosphere for our tripper. Come alone or with your buddies, guarantee you’ll leave with new friends and long lasting memories.


Swanky 420 experiences 

We offer off the beaten path tours you can brag to your friends about! We work closely with local experts to ensure you have authentic cultural and cannabis experiences. 


The Best of Both Worlds

Let's face it. Not everyone or every place is 420 friendly. Legalization is one thing, the public's acceptance is another thing. Our promise is to provide you a legal and safe environment to sit back and enjoy your favorite form of cannabis. We love traveling just as much as we love our marijuana. That's why we create a Cannabication! With the freedom to enjoy cannabis while on vacations, we want to erase the negative stigma people associate with marijuana use.

420 High Street 



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