Calling all women Entrepreneurs, Executives and Bad Ass Bosses in the Cannabis industry!!

According to a Marijuana Business Daily survey, nearly 37% of the senior-level jobs at cannabis companies are held by women. Unfortunately, that percentage has been decreasing the last few years.


Let's face it, women in the marijuana industry don't face the same challenges that men do in this white male dominated space.

That's why High Escapes curated this getaway exclusively with you in mind!  We've created a luxury escape where you can disconnect, relax, laugh, cry and create memories with women who understand what you're going through. We will share, plan and support each other all while laying on the beach or next to the pool with a joint, bong, rig or [insert your preferred cannabis product} in hand. 


  • Growers/Cultivators

  • C-Suite Executives

  • Dispensary and Retail Owners

  • Ancillary Business Owners

  • Consultants


  • You are passionate about cannabis

  • You are open-minded 

  • You enjoy eating, elevating and adventuring off-the-beaten-path  

  • You love to have a great time and are open to meeting others and accept the different personalities you will encounter.

You hustle hard all year long. Take time to disconnect so you reconnect with your best self! 




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