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A Golden Gate Escape

t’d been less than a year since my last visit to California. Although I did smoke some great Cali bud in LA, I didn’t visit a dispensary as purchasing recreational cannabis was still illegal. So when my partner mentioned he had an upcoming business trip there, I jumped on the opportunity to crash his trip with one thing in mind…I’m going to legally purchase me some of the finest dank that Northern California has to offer!

Excited by the prospects of what San Fran had to offer, I took to the internet to get the low down on all things cannabis near my downtown Union Square hotel. I made a list of dispensaries in walking distance to visit during my long weekend escape. When I proudly showed the list to my partner, he looked at me puzzled and asked, where are you planning to smoke? My smile instantly turned to a frown. He wasn’t going to let me put a wet towel down to mask my smoking in the room his job paid for. Fair enough…no job, no honey! I was determined to find a solution.

As with most legal states, finding a legal place to consume cannabis that isn’t yours or a friend’s residence is close to impossible. Back on the internet, I discover that you can smoke, vape ad dab and many of the dispensaries in San Fran if you spend a certain amount. And just like that, my smile returned! I think I even did a little happy dance!

I could hardly wait.

Sad that this was a short trip. For my next, I’m defiantly checking out Emerald Hills and more!


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